My research areas include climate communication & environmental ethics, new media cultures,  and interdisciplinary collaboration. I am currently working on a doctoral dissertation in the School of Communication at American University and I am focusing on the production of climate justice narratives on social media.


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Rosa, F., Clifford, M., Sinnreich, A. (2021). The More Things Change: Who gets left behind as remix goes mainstream? The Routledge Handbook of Remix Studies and Digital Humanities. Eds. Navas, E., burrough, x., & Gallagher, O. Routledge

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Presentations and Invited Talks

Babu, A. & Clifford, M. 2020. The Techno-Logics of Geofixing the Climate: a critical framing analysis of international news media coverage of geoengineering. Presented at tri-school graduate research conference. American University. Washington, DC. 02/2020

Clifford, M., Sinnreich, A., Aufderheide, P., Shahin, S., 2019. Access Shrugged (paper talk). International Communication Association annual conference. Washington, DC.

Clifford, M. 2019. Some ‘anthros’ are more ‘pogenic’ than others: US newspaper coverage of Exxon and Climate Change. American University Tri-school PhD symposium. 2/22/19

Clifford, M. 2017. Changing the Climate: relevance, risk, and culture. Guest lecture in graduate level course: Natural Resources in a Changing Climate. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.

Adams, D., M Clifford. 2017. Proactive Invasive Alien Species Management in the United States: Specialists’ Perspectives on Barriers, Opportunities, and Context Specific Management Plans. VII Seminario Cientifico Interacional de Sanidad Vegetal. Habana, Cuba.

Clifford, M. 2016. Supportive learning environments for improving climate literacy in the Cooperative Extension Service. Presented at ANREP/NACDEP Joint Conference. Burlington, VT.

Clifford, M. 2015. Empty Playgrounds and Nameless Trees: engaging community with everyday nature and music. Forest Resources and Conservation Graduate Student Seminar. Gainesville, FL.

Clifford, M. 2008. Lord Byron’s Women, giving voice to the women writers who were famous for loving him. Presented at Lord Byron International Conference. Messolonghi, Greece.